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Celebrate the trees

Most people who know me realize how much I love trees – bark – sticks. I love the sight of them, the feel of them, the warmth of them.

I have my own personal collection of sticks that remind me of different kinds of animals.  I’ve had “bark” and special sticks left on my desk at work – from someone(s) who thought of me when coming upon a treasure they knew I would appreciate.

When I think about why – and how this passion for trees developed, I go back to the very large maple tree that graced our side yard as a child – where I played daily around its roots sticking up from the ground – embracing the trunk as I stepped from root to root circling around the tree.

It was  shady under which to play “house” with my dolls – or drive my toy cars up and over the hilly roots –  then place them in the niches that made perfect parking spaces.

It was a beautiful very special spot.

So there’s no surprise that the new Bandshell at La Crosse’s Riverside Park has won my heart.

Eighteen white oak trees form the arches of this new structure. You have to see it to experience its natural, majestic beauty.

In this world of noisy computerized games, images, exchanges, glitz – how fortunate we are in La Crosse to have this magnificent display for our children to see –  to remember – for the whole community to appreciate and admire the strength, power, beauty and serenity these white oak trees add to our new Bandshell at Riverside Park.

Yes – let’s celebrate the trees!




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