So many times these two brothers run and play and laugh  – and sit looking at books together, building legos, doing puzzles, riding bikes.  They share bath times, snacks, and dinner.  They get wild and chase, sneak up on their Mommy – tickle her and then escape – climb all over  their Daddy and rough house.

These two young brothers – best of friends – until, momentarily, they’re not.

I was witness to one of these occasions the other day.  I just heard it take place while I was on the phone with their dad.

The little brother did something to his bigger brother’s “project” and so that brother gave him a shove that ended in loud crying and tears.

I waited while their dad took a moment’s break from our phone call to access the situation.

It wasn’t as bad as it sounded – but apologies – from both sides –  were in order.  I heard the older brother first “I’m sorry for shoving you, Zeke”.  Then the younger brother spoke up “I’m sorry for grabbing your project”.

And it was over.

But actually it will very likely be repeated many more times as they grow together – in trust and love, and adventures.

It’s called brotherhood.



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