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boys …you gotta love ’em

I just noticed I’ve been having quite a run on boys in my blog of late – actually not intentionally – just the way it’s worked out.

And today I had the gift of having some Parent Advisory parents come to help create our decorations for The Parenting Place holiday tree for the Rotary Lights display at Riverside Park.

And because it was a no-school- day, we had extra help – nine boys and one girl – ranging in age from 15-months to eleven- years- old who accompanied their moms.

And we witnessed the pure happy, boisterous energy and bravado when they were all together – challenging each other to be faster, funnier, stronger , sillier, louder.

Watch this – watch me!

But then there were the moments – the one-on-ones – the requests – the thank yous – the “can I helps?” where you find yourself sinking into the very depths of their sweet faces and earnest eyes.

So … thank you all for sharing the exuberance of the day – with each other, with all of us.

And to the moms who understand so lovingly and well – and meet the needs of the moment so effortlessly





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