a simple trick

Sometimes we’re just out of touch.

All of us have probably felt this way at one time or another – with family, friends, work, self.

On Friday it was  my Ipad  that refused to respond.

I know, I know what you might be thinking  – “really – you’re talking about your ipad?

.  Well … yes…it is something that I count on to check on significant things in my life – you know – (like new photos of my grandsons) – unavailable to me – frozen – no matter what I tried.

And I thought I tried everything.  But no response.

So after talking to my “tech expert” at work to no avail, I went to the MAC place – and there a very knowledgeable woman took my ipad into her own hands – and told me – “sometimes this simple trick works”.

She held the on-off  button on top and the center round button below at the same time – and presto – got the response I was waiting for.

All was well.

And I couldn’t help but compare this situation to our own everyday significant relationships with our children, our spouses, our partners, our friends.

Because sometimes we dig in our heels and don’t respond well and try and try to get the result we want- and perhaps our child is pushing all the buttons and not getting the response he/she wants or needs.

But – then, we realize that maybe we’re just doing it all wrong.

Maybe it’s as simple as touching the button on top and the button on the bottom  – at the same time.

Maybe it’s finding the right words – maybe it’s getting down to eye level, holding them with your whole being, maybe it’s a hug, a joke to break the ice, a high five, a compliment.

Maybe it’s pressing the right button.

Because it’s definitely all about connection.

And as the helpful non-judgmental tech woman told me “Sometimes this simple trick works.”

Thanks! I think you’re right.





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