a rainbow

The Children’s Playroom at The Parenting Place has been given a face lift – some play areas moved – some new items added – some spots spiced up.

One of the new items is a very large colorful set of movable wooden arches – a rainbow really.  I had them scattered when the children first walked in.  I have to admit I was unsure what the children would do with them, how or if they would play with them or perhaps just ignore them.

Well – what was I thinking? 

It’s a rainbow, after all – beautiful, colorful and one that you get to move around, straddle, climb through, climb on, sit on, hide under.  And so my adult concerns about what they will do with it were vanished by the freshness, creativity and curiosity of these young children and their innate playfulness.

And so went the rest of the room.

New items were noticed and enjoyed, older ones recognized in different locations and  it was altogether a very lovely morning.

And I couldn’t help but think that sometimes our own lives and homes and interactions need to trust a bit of “rainbow magic” in them – in our day-to-day routines, our responses to each other.

Perhaps we could try adding a touch of whimsy here, a surprise response there, a new way of welcoming each other or sharing at the dinner table, removing a plaything for a while that’s been around too  long in the same place, showcasing some other particular item in an unexpected spot.

Brighten the day – cause, I think, that’s what rainbows bring out in each other – right?

“What was I thinking anyway?”

Thanks to all the children who always respond in their own playful and unique ways … and keep me noticing… and learning every day.



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