smooth sailing

Driving through a construction zone recently,  I found myself paying extra attention to some of the road signs along the way.

“Yield – slow down – caution – wrong way – do not enter – stop”.

And I thought, as we enter this busy holiday season, those signs might very well offer us some food for thought.

Every year I hear from parents concerned with the social and family expectations  often put on them to travel long distances, to see everyone, to disrupt young children’s routines and schedules, stages and needs in order to keep the holidays just as they have always been.

But sometimes we’re going through a “construction zone” and we need to “proceed more slowly”, “yield” to the needs of our young family, watch for “bumps in the road” and have a safe journey.

So if we watch our speed limit and listen to our inner traffic report, pay attention to frequent rest stops, we can make these busy weeks less stressful, more meaningful, and hopefully smooth sailing and warm memories ahead.


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