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an assignment

Okay Parents – here’s your assignment – for this upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. (actually my most favorite holiday). Maybe that’s why I’m acting so bossy.

But I’m here to remind you that this is a perfect time for inter -generational play.

And that is your assignment!

It’s actually easier than you might think – and totally doable.

Inter-generational play – I witnessed it once again on Sunday when some parents and children decorated The Parenting Place’s Rotary Lights holiday tree in Riverside Park.

After trimming the tree,  parents and children played sticker tag together.

There was much screeching and laughing and running and some huffing, but cheeks were aglow and  joy evident as adults and children laughed and teased and compared their jackets (and faces) covered with stickers.

Physical play outside is always a winner, but there’s lots to do inside too that is fun for all.

How about trying to keep a bunch of balloons aloft by batting them to and fro, or  a raucous game of Charades, or “Telephone” as everyone whispers one thing they’re grateful for to all around the table and then hears what it sounds like full circle.

Singing together, a “talent show”, dancing, Mad Libs ,hilarious family stories,  other things that you might think of –  and I  guarantee the whole darn family clan will be laughing so hard- in spite of who anyone votes for.

Try it.

Remember how fun it was to be included when you were a child – to experience the hilarity and sense of belonging.

And so –  I wish all of you a bountiful day – filled with gratefulness, delicious food, shared fun,  and the very special meaning of Thanksgiving – togetherness.






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