Just watch

Sharing is an essential part of life.  Learning to share – willing to share – happy to share is a developmental journey that takes time to reach.

For children – our expectations are high.  ” He needs to learn how to share.”  And as single days turn into weeks, months, years – it happens.  It does.

It happens through caring.

It happens through being on the receiving end of sharing.  It happens by observing adults in their life modeling generosity – within their own family – within their circle of friends – with a stranger.

For one thing we know – children are always watching us and little ears are always listening.

As the holidays unfold, when families gather – when grandparents’ homes are filled with several young children from several different families, parents often worry about their child being the one not willing to share.

A perfect solution is to provide each child there with the same toy.  It doesn’t have to be an expensive item.  Often a Dollar Store toy works – done with, perhaps, by the end of the day – yet working magic in the meantime – bringing children together in shared play and interaction..

The same goes for siblings.  Yes we want to provide lessons and opportunities that in our family we share with one another.  So why have two of the same item – or one for each child?

Well … do you remember – did it ever work out – that you and your sibling did both get the same special toy – and the automatic common bond  that happened between you?

It’s this secure bond, this interaction, this easy play and relationship experienced that evolves into an increasing ability, a growing desire, to naturally share with others.

Just watch.






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