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Anticipation – there’s no time like the holiday season that we find ourselves anticipating – anticipating the way we expect our celebrations to go.

But as parents – we know better.

Our children are not always at their best – with too much everything challenging them – too much sugar, too much attention, too much to open, too many people, too many expectations – and perhaps, not enough sleep.

So …I encourage you to expect this, to dial back a bit, to relax, to, perhaps, watch your child open one gift and forget about the others for a while – if that’s what happens – and let that be okay.

The storyline going through our head, though, demands attention I know.  “This isn’t the way it’s supposed to be” – but young children, even teenagers, often rewrite our parent, grandparent scenario and so …

breathe – be in the moment – have a sense of humor – let go – enjoy – be grateful.

If you are alone or with loved ones, if there’s food on the table, surprises enjoyed,, laughter and love abundant – in any way or order – embrace it.

Believe “it’s a wonderful life!”

Best wishes to everyone to celebrate and enjoy the holidays in their own personal way.


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