Are the moods in your house these days a bit like the weather outside-  a bit gray, dull, and gloomy?

Well, here’s an easy, doable prescription to add some light – some glee to those moods.

                                                   (glee – great delight.)

Get down on the floor with your children – tumble – whoop – grab –  hold –  laugh –  toss them around -chase.


Because after all the years parents (dads especially) have been doing things like this, psychologists and child care experts now tell us – good for us, keep it going.

It seems rough-housing, chasing, catching, tumbling is all positive for our children’s brains and for their emotional stability – and  for the good endorphins released in all of us when playing in this way!

Think back to when you were a child.  Anyone remember being swung upside down, riding the “horsey”, or climbing on your parent who is pretending to be asleep on the floor – until – watch out – he isn’t!!

In our busy uncertain world, play like this helps to release the stress and anxiety of the day for each of us – and increases trust and connection with each other.  It also encourages self-control  and being fair and listening if someone says stop.

I’ve talked with parents over the years about their child’s behavior who have looked at me with surprise when I’ve asked them “How often do you wrestle on the floor with your child – or chase them and try to capture them- and in the meantime shriek and giggle and shout – exhaling built-up stress and worry – exhaling  anger and sadness and fears.”

This advice just seemed right at the time, seemed powerful  – and now we know that it is.

So if this type of play is missing these days in your family life, take note.

Go glee!



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