ain’t life grand

It’s not something anyone expects – a random act of kindness, that is – just when, perhaps, a person needs it – or maybe a total surprise, enriching that person’s day and attitude.

Our daughter received one on Thanksgiving Day (pretty appropriate, I’d say) going through a drive-in for coffee and a breakfast sandwich as she traveled.

Of course it made her day!  She’s returned the favor – it’s kind of how it works,

As parents, it’s fun to let our children be a part of this kindness.  It can be handing down winter coats and boots too small for them now but perfect for the family down the street.

Or sharing a bounty from your vegetable garden on someone’s doorstep – or what one generous dad did leaving drinks and snacks for the busy delivery guys at Christmas who run and rush and have no time to stop for treats.

How sweet is that?

It’s fun for everyone – and a warm and fondly remembered gesture.

And that’s what happened to me on Friday morning, as I was finishing putting the playroom to rest – after a particularly busy and fun morning.  I was lost in thought vacuuming the last of the glitter (glitter, of course – it was Play Shoppe!)  when a co-worker came in and touched me on the shoulder to get my attention.

She handed me a wrapped sandwich and a bag of chips, from Jimmy John’s.

.A mom at Play Shoppe had heard me say I had forgotten my lunch – and she was on it – secretly, surprisingly – kindly.

She took the extra effort to create this random act of kindness – and it filled my heart (and my appetite – always hungry after Play Shoppe) with joy and warmth.

Ain’t life grand?

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