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don’t you think?

Who thinks about it?  We shop, we eat out, we play and visit with our children in tow …and we are often unaware what our children are really noticing all around them.

There’s a heart-warming story on the news recently –  about a young toddler, not two years old yet, who is in a wheelchair.

Shopping at Target with his mom one day, he looked up and saw a large poster hanging – and on that poster was another young boy in a wheel chair too – just like him.

The recognition and joy that this little guy experienced was obvious by his joyful response.  For him to see someone  – like himself  – out and about while shopping – was so rare, so unexpected and so very precious.

His mom’s eyes were filled with tears and her heart so very grateful to observe her young son’s delight.

I have talked with several moms whose children have disabilities – and how lonely they often feel, how challenging to try and fit in to a “parent group”.  Inclusive environments benefit both children with and without disabilities as well as their parents.

The more opportunities that exist for all of us, the more we celebrate not only our differences – but also our similarities – and our connections.

And so it’s a good reminder, isn’t it,  to be more intentional in our planning, more inclusive in our invitations, in our sharing and in our recognition that if one photo poster can delight and empower one small toddler boy – just imagine the power that inclusivity can offer to all of us.

Don’t you think?

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