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Halfway up the stairs

A.A. Milne says it perfectly in his poem Halfway  Down.

“Halfway up the stairs isn’t up – and it isn’t down.

It isn’t in the nursery, it isn’t in town.

And all sorts of funny thoughts run around my head.

It isn’t really anywhere!

It’s somewhere else instead!”

I have loved this poem since I was little – probably because I just might do some of my best thinking “halfway up the stairs“.

I like to think of it as moseying.  You know – wandering, thinking things through, discovering that this goes with that, discarding, dreaming, imagining, believing.

I think our children do this often also.  Ever catch them with a far-away look in their eye? Ever wonder why they seem not to be paying any attention?

For they have lots of things to put together – sometimes too much.  And sitting “halfway up the stairs” is a cozy place to be.

Of course we want and need our children to listen – to be responsible, to come when called, to be present – but sometimes – let’s make sure – we leave enough time for them to be“halfway up the stairs – it isn’t up – it isn’t down” but it feels just right.

Share the whole poem of A.A. Milne’s Half-Way Down with your children.  I bet they’ll understand.

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