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from there to here

“From there to here, from here to there

funny things are everywhere.”

Yes!  of course! It’s from Red Fish Blue Fish by Dr. Seus!  And Happy Birthday on this yearly recognition of his birth.

And as schools and libraries across the nation have fun celebrating the delightfully rhythmic rhyming gems in his many many books – silly as well as often meaningful –    there is another message here.

Experts across the nation, strongly encourage reading to and with our children – from infancy on.

If there is one thing that wins in so many ways, that encourages literacy in our growing children, that creates a bond with one another, that shares intrigue, laughter, comfort, information, connection, a love for reading –  it is reading together.

And it’s free!

Libraries are open to all, and families that are frequent visitors, checking out books by the armfuls, are opening words and worlds for their children.

“from here to there”  –  the beauty and love of reading together!

Check it out!



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