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free choice

I’ve been keeping track.

Whenever I talk with a kindergartner about their favorite part of  their school day, it’s always the same.

Number one answer?

Free choice.

Why am I not surprised?

For don’t all of us enjoy those moments most  when, as adults, we are able to take a personal break – work in the garden, read a book, knit, strum the guitar, do a cross-word, listen to music, bake, chat with a friend.

It’s what engages us, what enriches our spirits, our relationships – what calms our souls.

And specific to our children, we know that free choice is the way children extend their learning by interacting  with materials and each other, working together, sharing ideas, building on skills, relaxing, having fun –  relating.

As parents, we need to be aware of the busy- sometimes hectic schedules our children have,  both at school and often after- school activities,  and make it a priority that there is time at home to offer free choice time.

When parents tell me free choice at home doesn’t seem to have the same appeal for their children, I always wonder why.

And something that I’ve noticed is that perhaps it’s not long enough, not regular enough, not relaxed enough.

Children slip into routines with ease and with acceptance – and when free choice becomes a priority in your home, it will take hold – and it will flourish.

Free choice – the number one answer every time!




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