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a new lens

What brings me a bit of peace these days is looking at my book shelf – and choosing one to pull out, hold in my hands, open and peruse, recall – read a section – sometimes seemingly like for the first time.

And you can actually make this happen also for  your children as they discover toys and books – old, but new.

But perhaps right now all the toys are contained neatly  together in clear plastic bins – or piled all on top of each other in the toy box, or scattered pell-mell in the corners of the playroom.

So,  I suggest that you purposely select something from this bunch and isolate one or two items while your child is napping or before you go to bed at night.

Choose something from this pile of toys and find a completely different spot to place it –  isolate it – near the fireplace on the living room floor, or cars lined up along the rim of the couch top, the farm and all its pieces in the sunny spot near the front door,  or under the dining room table.

Find a surprise spot – an unusual spot – to place it. – to set it up –  as a welcome invitation to your child – to be drawn in to the magic of discovery.

Trust me on this.  Your child will notice and begin to play – focused and engaged.

Because sometimes there’s just too much – and when there’s just too much, none of it seems special, none of it stands out, none of it calls you in.

I’ve done this when my children were growing up – and I often do it in the Playroom at The Parenting Place.

And so I know its value.

Let your child have the opportunity to encounter this “attraction” on their own – to come across it by themselves,  to be drawn into the novelty – yet familiarity – of it –  the satisfying comfort of the old enjoyed through a new lens.

Try it!


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