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I’m not sure there’s been a time like this before – certainly not in my lifetime – where gratitude reigns.

Yes – gratitude – even as we are being ordered to stay in our homes, unable to gather together, go to work, eat out, party, do what we love to do – assemble and connect with friends.

And yet – we witness a beautiful display of recognition and universal expression of thanks being displayed toward those in our community and nation, our cities and small towns  who are heroically meeting the challenges they face every day to keep us all safe.

We know who they are – the medical personnel treating the sick, the firemen, the policemen, the first responders, the grocery store workers, the truck drivers, our teachers, daycare providers, delivery people, our volunteers, our neighbors, and so many others who show up to do their jobs -to meet the needs, no matter what.

Gratitude is felt everywhere.

We see it in big cities – apartment buildings full of residents sharing in unison, banging pots, playing music, yelling greetings to thank those in their cities who are protecting them and staring  Corona virus in the face.

But -as for me,  right now, here –  I personally want to recognize, salute, send hugs, pats on the back, high fives to a huge segment of the population that may be our unsung heroes – and that’s the parents -who are keeping the home front going, asking more of themselves, more patience, resilience, love than ever before.

These moms and dads are making the home a safe place to be, working with their children on school work, entertaining, protecting, loving, worrying, comforting, responding  – every day.

And  your hard work and love does not go unnoticed.

And so – I send a huge and respectful thank you and salute to all the parents out there who are empowering their families – and all of us –  by holding them close and doing the best you can.

The Parenting Place remains open to your questions, concerns, successes. Let us thank you personally. Calls answered daily Monday – Friday , 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM.  784-8125.





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