a poem in your pocket

There’s something about a poem – the simplicity, yet the complexity – that somehow just the right words, just the right pattern, just the right emotion – can convey so much.

When we begin a Parent Educator’s meeting at The Parenting Place, we always start with a poem.

As we all rush in to the meeting at noon, still “downing” lunch, our minds  full of the morning’s busyness, it is the poem shared aloud, three times – to hear it, to digest it, to respond if one wants – that prepares us ready to begin our meeting with a settled, refreshed, renewed mindset.

And so I introduce to you a poetic suggestion.

April is National Poetry Month – and April 30th is designated Poem in your Pocket Day. On this day, we can choose a favorite poem, write it down, carry it with us in our pocket, and share it with others.

What a perfect opportunity to introduce the charm and the gift of poetry to your children.  If you have no poetry books at home, there are poems galore on line for all ages – and  so many for children.  Check them out  – read some with your children – read them again.

That’s the beauty of poetry – the more familiar it becomes, the more it speaks to you.

When your children discover a favorite, put it “in their pocket” – and on April 30th, have them find a grandparent, teacher, friend, neighbor –  to  read it to –  six feet away in person,-or maybe even on line -a simply beautiful poetic gift.

A “poem in your pocket”.

I love it!



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