an adventure

I could tell talking with five -and -a -half- year- old Theo  on Face Time recently that he needed something new – an adventure perhaps – and since I’m in Wisconsin and he’s in Massachusetts , and we’re both following Safer at Home – what else was there to do – but imagine one – together!

And so we did .  The set-up revolved around a large red Octopus kite that Theo and his brother had gotten for Easter.  It was very large, with big black eyes and very long tentacles hanging down.

When lifted easily into the air, it floated and dipped and entertained – but in this scenario, it appeared menacing and alive. And so we went from there.

The red thing spied hovering over yards in the neighborhood created fear and suspicion and help was needed. It ended up all of Theo’s Kindergarten class arrived, one by one and two by two  – the fastest runners out in front, the “brains” sharing the best way to cope with this hovering menace.

But the big red “monster” as it was now called, evaded their every attempt.  At last it was decided the Kindergarten teacher needed to be called.  She arrived on the scene in a hurry  – sized things up, joined in the planning on what to do and how to do it – to no avail.  It was starting to feel desperate when finally the teacher called out in her loudest teacher’s voice “Rest Time!” and to everyone’s surprise, this fierce red octopus with very long tentacles floated down to the ground.

This was only the first part of the series and we’ve had a second one since – calling on the Principal and yes, even the Governor to help.

At one point – in his excitement – Theo commented “I wish this was real“.

And sometimes – definitely in times like now – when adventures seem few and far between, it’s fun to imagine – the sillier, the more fantastical – the better.

Try it.  Your children will definitely help!







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