pulling focus

Recently I heard the expression pulling focus. 

Apparently in cinematography, pulling focus is when the camera lens is slowly adjusted for the sharpest clarity of image.

The focus puller has one of the most significant jobs in filming a movie.

And, of course, it got me to thinking.  As parents, this is what we can do, isn’t it?

When we’re looking for reasons , interpretation, insight  – looking for meaning, connection, understanding that sometimes may seem hard to grasp – we can be like the cinematographer ourselves –  and practice this art – pulling focus on our child’s behavior.

Take a few minutes  throughout the day pulling focus on your child’s face – his expressions, his actions. It’s in this close-up – this transparency  that we may see and understand the real message, the clarity  behind the behavior that our child needs us to know.

So often we are reacting to the whole picture – but as in cinematography, that may be blurry – without first pulling focus to see things more clearly.

Pulling focus.

Ready, Set, Shoot!










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