a gift

In the midst of Safer at Home – in the midst of one day seeming very much like the other – a marvelous discovery was made.

In a basket that hangs on the side of our house, immediately right outside our kitchen door –  a sparrow built her nest.  It is the most perfectly beautiful nest  – sitting cozily in this old basket that held a few of Tootsie’s tennis balls.

My husband noticed it first.  After admiring it for a few days, we waited to see what would happen. We waited …  and we waited … and we waited.

At last one day my husband came in and announced that there was an egg in the basket.  On day two, there was another egg – as well as on day three and day four.

I imagined that the mama bird would be sitting all day on her eggs – but that wasn’t the case.  We actually didn’t see much of the mama bird at all during this time.

In fact I began to think that someone was playing a joke on us.  Are these eggs for real?

And then it happened – the baby birds hatched.  And since then we have peeked in, noticed them huddled together as one soft pulsating feather bed.  Sometimes they are awake – their beaks open wide – in hungry anticipation.

And so – we have been gifted – in a worn-out old ordinary basket – hanging very near a  busy in- and – out back door.

And we are filled with gratitude that this mama bird trusted two very nosy residents and gifted us something to cheer for – to be awed by – to be charmed.

Even in the midst of a pandemic.



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