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Have you noticed a Corona virus theme being reflected in your children’s play lately – asking you” how much is six feet?” as they “distance socialize” their stuffed animals or dinosaurs, tying masks on dolls, playing doctor and nursing their babies back to health – saying out loud “I hope she doesn’t die” and then pretty quickly “She’s better”.

I’ve heard from a few parents and read about others that their children are definitely into this type of play – and I’m not surprised. This is the perfect solution for children dealing with strong emotions and fears.

Because – a child’s play is magical and being sick one instance and better the next helps make us all feel hopeful and safe.

And that’s what this type of dramatic play does for children.  It helps them work out their fears and their stress in a child’s version of what’s going on – a scenario that makes them feel centered and in control.

It builds resilience.

Experts say it is definitely a common and positive way for children to work out the difficult feelings they are experiencing.

In older kids you might see games where if you get tagged, you have Corona virus and then – you’re it!  There is much screeching and chasing and laughing and it’s all in fun – and the energy and stress that is relieved in this type of game is powerful and helpful.

Parents might think this seems insensitive to those who have suffered and are sick.

But in the right place and the right time, this sort of social play is a coping skill that is healing and delivers a potent antidote to the anxiety lurking inside.

And I’d say we’re all in need of that!

Play on!


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