getting rid of the wrinkles

Parenting often has more questions than answers – and at times we find ourselves struggling with our responses.

I think it’s that kind of time right now.

As parents we are faced with the uncertainty of just what the “new normal” means that Covid -19 created for our families, our schools, our work places, our lives in the months ahead.

And now this past week of critical unrest and national grief  leaves parents with an overwhelming barrage of unanswered questions as we search to find responses and meaning to what’s going on around us.

And what I offer might certainly not be enough – but I suggest finding  in yourself that personal core of gentleness and of strength, of decency and goodness and let your child feel its presence by sharing eye contact when they are talking to you – by taking the time to respond – by gentle hugs,  and by sensing what it is your child needs or what his/her behavior is showing you.

I do some of my best thinking – my best confirming, resolving, and,  ironically,  my best sorting out when I am folding laundry – fresh and still warm from the dryer.  I love reaching in and pulling one item out, and the next and the next, giving each item my full attention  – folding, sorting and putting them all together – as my thoughts wander, expand and resolve.

And that’s what we do as parents, right?

When our children have questions for us, we open up, reach in, and try to find the best responses that matches what our child needs at the moment, fold it together with caring, gently trying to get rid of the wrinkles, knowing, just like folding laundry, there will be plenty more questions to come – if we’re open to them.

Take care.


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