a family thing

I got to watch just a small portion of the first remembrance service for George Floyd.  I’m so happy this was the portion I got to see.

It was when his family  – his two brothers and sister and a younger nephew, who was brought up together with them in their household, shared their memories of growing up.

And they spoke so genuinely about their youth – funny endearing stories about their oldest brother, George – and their adored mom, a single parent who embraced them all – and anyone else, child or adult, who needed a roof to be under, a stomach to be fed.

There was so much intimacy revealed in those few minutes that they each spoke.  They “didn’t have much” each one related. But they always had each other’s backs,  shared suppers, much laughter,  and hearty agreement on the “banana and mayonnaise sandwiches on toasted bread”.

It was these very warm insights that they shared – so personal and poignant, that I wanted to hear.

“It was a family thing” each family member repeated.

And this is what I believe we all should recognize and hold dear about our own families  and  each and every family we meet at group events, at school, at work, at grocery stores, in our neighborhoods and who are all a  part of our own community.

Different colors, different foods, different styles –  it’s a family thing.

Be open to them.

Because that’s what nourishes all of us.




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