Moms rock

Moms – they certainly have been in the news lately as they share their grief, their loss, their love, their torment after losing sons to violence.

And so moms have been on my mind – even more than usual.

But today is my own mom’s birthday – and although she has passed on – never ever from my heart.

As everyday moms ourselves, we often underestimate our value.  Swamped with the 24/7 work of caring and providing  for our children, we don’t often notice the gifts we offer.

But our efforts, our love, our joy, and our sacrifices in so many ways – provides our children with strength, resilience, and love of their own to grow and to give.

As I talk with so many of the moms that I see at The Parenting Place,  I’m always struck by the awesome power of love that mothers carry for their children.  And I’m just as aware, though, that as moms we often doubt ourselves or feel less than.

But I’m here to tell you – we’re not talking about perfect moms.

We’re talking about good-enough moms – who do our best – who share our hearts – who sometimes struggle  – but are always there – right to the end, as we so poignantly heard called out in the last breath of a grown man.

And so I lovingly remember my own mom today – Happy Birthday, Mom  — and remind all the moms out there to trust and believe deeply in yourselves and the gifts and love you share.

Moms rock!


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