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one of those days

We’ve probably all said – or at least heard someone say “Today is just one of those days”.  It’s usually shared when there’s nothing more to be said- “one of those days” says it all.

Because we’ve probably all been there – at one time or another.  It’s kind of like a universal understanding between people – whether you’re parenting small children on a rainy gloomy day like today – or you’re at work and your computer is down or the copier won’t print or, perhaps, just because the sun’s not shining or the uncertainty of the year ahead, because of Covid 19.

So what do we do on a day like this?  How do we turn our thinking around – to switch “one of those days” to have new meaning.

Can we step back and marvel instead of cringe when our toddler is in the midst of taking all the canned goods off the lower shelves – stacking them – putting them back – and then, beginning all over again .

Can we focus and  boast of his dexterity, his concentration, his satisfaction?  He’s a genius!

Can we suggest a romp in the rain, get soaked, come in and have soup for lunch, read books, work with play dough, practice tying shoes, make jello, color, do puzzles, be happily lazy.

I know it sounds like I’m simplifying matters.

But sometimes we need to push ourselves a bit – through the clouds – to find the sunshine that is there.

The sunshine that we find  in our hearts.


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