a silly moment

I’ve been “over-thinking” lately it seems.  You know – spending a lot of time in my head – “percolating” as I like to think of it.

And that can sometimes lead to feeling a bit punchy.

And so I’ve been noticing when I’m typing the word know – it comes out knnow.

I sort of feel it when it happens.  It’s almost like a quick skip and a jump – and there it is – two n’s in know – knnow!

So recently I’ve begun taking stock of when and why this happens with that particular word. It seems I use it often – but to knnow is not the same as to know as any young philosopher could tell you.

So I started to look for another deeper meaning – why only this word  – what might it reveal – what do I need to know?  (and truthfully – it just happened again!)

And all I could come up with is – well … maybe I just need to slow down a bit, be more conscientious – don’t be in such a rush.

That’s what we all probably need – that’s what the experts all definitely tell us.  But then … I decided – actually, we also need to find and enjoy our own personal “silly” moment in our day.

And for me –  a quick skip and a jump – and there it is – knnow – two n’s in Know – and for some odd reason – it makes me smile. Even if it’s showing up with a bright red line under it!

I don’t knnow why!!

Hope you all enjoy your own personal “silly moment” this week!



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