Simply said

Have you ever just drawn a blank when you start to do a project?  And instead of one thought and bright idea after another flowing through your creative juices – it’s pretty dry?

That’s me today.  This doesn’t happen very often – but for some reason – I find myself staring out the window at the gorgeous blue sky, feeling the gentle breeze and the bright sunshine – and daydreaming.

But – hey!  Maybe that’s just what I actually should be sharing with all of you.

For if this happens to you – accept it.

Change your plans. Listen to what your mind and body are telling you – and don’t feel guilty about it.  (Unless, of course, on that very day, your job, your child’s birthday party, your in-law’s visit depends on it!)

This is something that every parent certainly needs to heed.  Parenting takes physical, mental, and emotional stamina – and sometimes – you’re running low.

I am suggesting – on those days – you slow down, choose peace, nourish well in food, water, sunshine, rest, play and find a way to just “be” with your children – simply.

Thanks!  That settles it.  I think that’s what I’ll do.

C’mon, Tootsie!  Let’s go outside!


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