crystal clear

Wasn’t the rain great this morning?  It seems for ages since we had a good soaking and it was sorely needed – and appreciated!

I love waking up to the sound of rain falling – especially when by late morning,  the sun has come out, the sky blue and crystal clear!

Crystal clear – that’s something that we’ve been lacking – in so many ways – since the days of Covid began more than six months ago.

Crystal clear about our choices, our work, our get-togethers, school,  plans of any kind,  -not so simple.

But on a crystal clear afternoon like this – it is a good reminder  – that, as parents, we are our children’s “crystal clear” source – the one they look toward to receive encouragement, confidence, warmth, brightness in spite of intermittent clouds, uncertainty, disappointment and concern.

So that’s what we do, right?

And so often by sharing clarity – crystal clear –  to our children, we feel the warmth and reflection right back at us.

Thinking of all of you as the school year begins in different ways for different families.

Crystal clarity to each of you!

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