gift of resolution

These are the days – it seems – of uncertainty – of “should I”, “should we”, “are you”, “not sure”.

Whether it’s about attending a perhaps too large celebration – sending your child to school – to dance class – to play team sports – to travel – to visit grandparents – there are no absolute answers.

And so, we’re left with “making up our own minds” – figuring out what works for us.

And that’s not always easy.

But … what would you choose if no one else cared or disagreed? Often we make decisions based on what others will think – what our friends are doing – what is most popular.

But we need to try and consider all the alternatives. We need to put into perspective how real our concerns are – recognizing our fears but not allowing them to drive our decision alone.

Pay attention to what matters most to you and your family – the information you have found – what is wise. Trust your decision.

That’s the strength – the gift – behind “making up our own minds” – the gift of resolution.

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