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I only wish I were there – but I just heard about it instead – and devoured bright lovely pictures – of Apple Picking Day out in Western Massachusetts where my two grandsons live.

But I love that every picture truly does say a thousand words. – and even though COVID is going on – and there are restrictions to be followed and care to be taken, apple picking is a perfect fun activity for families to share and enjoy together.

This orchard that they were at had big old apple trees loaded with apples – and some trees perfect for climbing on – exploring – gathering. It was a family affair – Mom and Dad and favorite Auntie Aimee along.

It was a beautiful sunny day – a “no fuss” kind of day – where getting out and being together beyond the neighborhood was a big event.

And 6-year-old Theo summed it up perfectly “ This was the best day ever”.

Wow! Sometimes simplicity wins – being in nature wins – being with family wins – letting us all believe and appreciate that joy and the “best day ever” arrives sometimes when you least expect it.

Happy Fall to all!!

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