“…In the Forest, wonders await … as countless as the trees.”

Sometimes you just know that you’re choosing the right thing – making the right decision – at the right time – eager to begin.

That’s the way I feel about The Parenting Place’s new Forest Play Shoppes.

The strong response to registration alone tells me parents are searching for ways to connect with one another – safe ways for their children to play in this uncertain COVID time.

And we all remember, right?

The joys of playing outside are usually some of our most cherished memories we hold from childhood – exploring, discovering, climbing, jumping -adventures that make our spirits soar and our bodies strong.

Pretending with sticks, leaves, dirt, pinecones, bark – nature’s “tiny things” – become our most precious playthings – our coveted treasures.

Physicians have been advising us right along about the significance of spending time out-of-doors – the value of Vitamin N – the Nature Vitamin – strengthening our immune system – controlling our stress levels – building our resiliency.

And to appreciate Wisconsin in all its seasons means turning a chilly Wisconsin morning into an exciting adventure. For we believe as the saying goes – “there is no bad weather, only bad clothing.

And so – here’s to the experiences that beckon – the spirits that will shine – and “the wonders that await …as countless as the trees.”


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