a sit spot

Maybe some of you have head about going outside – the park , the forest, the bluffs, your very own backyard – and finding a spot that “speaks” to you – that offers you a sense of calm, a sense of peace, a sense of reflection and quiet awareness – a sit spot.

In so many cases, the spot will find you – and you’ll feel it.

And when it does, take a seat.

We probably all have our favorite cozy spot in our homes – a rocking chair near a window, an easy chair to curl up in – a couch to cuddle under a blanket – even to share.

But we are talking about out-doors time – “me time”- a time to be quiet, to be still, to listen and to notice the natural world around you.

Back in the 70’s, we were called tree-huggers (which I still proudly am ) But the present-day Medical community is behind this – strongly supporting and emphasizing our need to increase our Vitamin N – Nature!

In our busy virtual world these days, with much uncertainty and stress that bombards us daily, this natural opportunity, free and available to all, is a winner.

Try it with your children – those who are at home doing virtual schooling. When they need a break, send them out, have them find their personal sit spot – to observe, to feel the sunshine, to notice the breeze, the leaves, the birds, the squirrels – to think.

We don’t always need the most perfect site like in a forest or a State Park. Look for the practical site versus the ideal site. Look for the site that’s easy to get to, that is minutes away, but that offers you a chance to “feel” the strength, the peace that, even in your own backyard, is there if you watch – and listen.

As a child, I remember a spot in my backyard that was somewhat hidden by a big bush, a fence I could climb on and a tall tree I could hang on – and I went there often to think, to pretend, to connect.

Try it. In fact, I think I’ll go out right now to my sit spot in my yard – for a quick ten-minute dose of nature!

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