You may recall a few of my earlier posts in the Spring where, perched at my home office, I could look out my front windows and watch a house being built from the ground up.

I cited the lucky little boys who came daily – grandchildren of the builder – who romped on the huge dirt piles as the cellar went in. Then days passed in to weeks and months and the frame went up, the roof and the siding went on and just recently the driveway and walk path were cemented.

And it’s amazing to see this progress – to feel a part of it in a way – to recognize the men working , and the wife who sometimes brings lunch , to meet the eager homeowners – a young family with two little children..

I feel it’s been free diversion for me during this Covid Spring and Summer. And now in the middle of Fall – they are preparing to “call it a wrap”.

I’ll miss the commotion, the big exciting construction vehicles (honing in to my days with a young son) but I look forward to the next stage.

Lights in the window, cars in the driveway, children in the yard – a home.


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