It was G’pa Dick’s birthday on Saturday at our house.

There was the traditional phone time with our two very excited grandsons and the sweet and cherished singing of Happy Birthday – even if across the miles.

Both boys love holidays and birthdays – alot – even other people’s.

For why not? It’s a chance to celebrate – and excitement that day was high.

Six-year-old Theo took up the cause to sum it all up – “today is the start of it all!! Next is Halloween, then Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentines Day, Easter, Yia Yia’s’ birthday (that’s me), Bubbe’s birthday (other grandma), Zeke’s birthday, 4th of July, Mom’s birthday, Dad’s birthday and then my birthday!”)

And then we start again!

That is a lot of dates – a lot of joy and anticipation – a lot to count on and hope for and be glad about.

Yet it sends a message, I believe, how much the rituals and holidays we anticipate in our families add warmth and memories and intimacy. Anticipation doesn’t take away from the present but make the future seem bright and full and loving.

It gives two young boys a sense of their year, a continuity of caring and togetherness (even during Covid) that serves to bring us all closer and puts the joy of a six-year-old boy and a three-year- old boy right where it belongs – in our hearts.

Hope you are all finding and anticipating your own personal joys as we approach a new season with hope.

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