a few minutes

Things are different this holiday season – for sure.

But we have a beautiful little live Christmas tree that stands and twinkles at me – especially when I am the last one up in the evening (which is always) and all is quiet and serene.

It’s then that I feel it is just between us – the tree and me – and I find myself lost in its serenity.

And I’m grateful for so many things – and the beauty and peacefulness that this tree offers me.

It challenges me to fall under its spell – to remember, to hope, to smile, to dream of not only the fun and beauty of past years – but the present one as well. And I’m reminded to be thankful and grateful for health and family and young children and old friends – and next year!

So … Happy Holidays to each and everyone of you – my friends – and if there is a Christmas tree in your life this year – take a few minutes – just the two of you –– and listen.

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