A new year

Welcome to the New Year! That’s what I want to say to 2021!

We’ve been waiting for you! We have high hopes for you!

Bring that COVID vaccine on ! Open schools once again so that children can resume their normal lives. Let doctors and nurses and first responders get a break. Let small businesses come alive again. Let people go back to work. Let grandparents visit in person with their grandchildren.

\Let us all be grateful.

Let parents feel a sense of job well done – “schooling” their children while working at home – juggling sometimes more than they are able.

Let hope and gratefulness and anticipation reign. Let patience and understanding and wisdom be a part of it all – as we wait to return to the lives we led before the pandemic. As we wait to embrace what we once all took for granted.

But 2021 – honestly – we’re ready. And we hope this will all happen on your watch!

Wishing all of you, my friends, a 2021 to celebrate and behold!

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