This morning in an email to our staff from our Executive Director, she spoke of resilience and how this year has tested our resilience – and the significance resilience plays in all our lives – in times of trouble and in times of hope.

And most of us don’t stop to think about how resilient we’ve been – today – or last week – or last month. We just go ahead – and in our individual ways – do what needs to be done.

We do it because we just do – for our children, our loved ones, our friends, our jobs – our responsibility to all those who need us. And it works because of our strong connections with one another – connections that give us the strength to care, to try, to manage and to – well…. sometimes – to breathe.

And these connections – for me – say it all. And in these challenging times – in these uncharted waters of 2021 – caring, connecting and – yes – resilience is what will see us through.

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