“You’re a finder!” my husband told me today as I quickly located what he thought was nowhere to be found.

It’s true – I do seem to find things around the house that have been declared nowhere in sight!

I wonder if that’s the role of most moms. It seems we have a sixth sense of where things are – even when they’re not in the place they should be.

So think about it … how often are we called on to find a dolly’s missing sock, a favorite matchbox car desired right this very moment, a special bunny needed at bedtime for sure, a homework paper that was” just here a minute ago”.

And most importantly – as parents – we find our way in parenting our children.

We all know babies do not come with instructions attached. So we watch and we read and we share and we struggle and we grow – and we love – and we figure it out!

Finding our parenting style and core beliefs – on this parenting journey we are on – might not be as immediate as my early morning rescue find for my husband was. But it happens just the same.

Watch for it!” “Oh! there it is!” – that clarity that pops up from time to time – and you realize – yes – you found your own family’s particular parenting pace – your own family’s comfort – and though it may not always be smooth and effortless – remember –” it’s the cracks that let the sunshine in”.

Keep on discovering – and – shining!

(Please always remember The Parenting Place is here to help you along the way!)


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