this counts

I always have a pack of colored stars in my desk drawer. I like to add them sometimes in a note to the grandboys – just because – or when I write a quick note to a friend – adding a star for emphasis.

I don’t know how it started – and a pack can last a pretty long time – but I know when I pull open my desk drawer, it makes me happy to see them – red and blue and gold stars – just waiting to find their place – to jazz up an ordinary note – to brighten up the day.

I read something recently that spoke about how we feel about ourselves often depends a great deal on what we think other people are thinking of us – how we did, how we look, how we parent, how we cook, what we choose.

But … what if you had a stash of some of these little stars like mine – wouldn’t it be ultra cool to say to yourself, “you know what? I deserve a star today … me! myself! … for the delicious meal I fixed, the three breaths I took before responding to a very “hangry” child, the planning it took for getting everybody out of the house for the first day of school with no one “losing it” including me – for anything that says “yes!” that says “You did it! “– that says “This counts!”

Star recognition – your own – – accept it with pride!

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