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the rest of the story

What a glorious blue sky,, sunshiny day I notice blazing in on me as I sit down to write my weekly blog. But step outside – even for a few moments – and the frigid below-zero wind chill will hit you immediately.

So, you see, how easy to be fooled by just the bright sunny sky without knowing the rest of the story.

And that’s often the case with friends and family who might well wear a sunny face on the outside but could actually be struggling emotionally on the inside. During this challenging time our country is going through, there are many more people who are struggling in so many ways.

So be attentive when we inquire “how are you doing?” – be genuine when you ask it – especially if you suspect there’s more behind the smile. Don’t be fooled by a “oh you know”, “pretty good, I guess”. We might be missing the rest of the story – and by listening, you are offering a true gift of friendship and caring.

Coming up is Valentine’s Day on February 14th. Why not reach out this week to a sibling, a neighbor, your long- distance “bestie”, a child – and check on their heart – while sharing your own.

And – from my heart to yours – I wish you a Happy and sunny Valentine’s Day, my Friends.

And remember – The Parenting Place is always there to hear “the rest of your story”.

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