when … then

Recently going through a stash of old files – looking for something I couldn’t find – I found a note that said When…then.

It was written on the back of a day’s schedule from one of the very first professional trainings I had attended as a Parent Educator many years ago.

And I was glad to see “when/then” again – such a simple answer to so many situations we find ourselves in with children. Begging, pleading, whining to do something – go somewhere- eat something – play something – could be simply answered “When -then”.

“When you put your boots on, then we can go out in the snow.”; “When you clean up your room, then you can go to your friend’s:”;” When you finish your homework, then we can play a game”; “When you ask politely, then you can have a turn”.

Fast forward to years of listening and sharing with parents – to myself as a parent – so many suggestions and insights and philosophies learned, considered and offered, I kind of left “when/then” behind.

But it still works – delivered with a kind tone and positive outlook. I believe I could even use it for myself.

“When you finish writing this blog, then you can have a piece of Valentine candy”.


Works for me!

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