There’s something very personal and connecting when you take a child’s hand.

I don’t believe anyone who has held a small child’s hand – on a walk together – ever really forgets the feeling of trust and closeness it conveys.

But often we forget those moments in the busy throes of parenthood. And perhaps we more often recall grabbing a child’s hand wildly to keep him from running in the street – or moving him along quickly to the car without distractions.

But – I’m just reminding you to watch for those sweet moments of parenting – the trustful, hopeful, expectant gazes our child gives us, the “right, Dad?” you might get from a 6-year-old looking for shared agreement – the quick “bump into” from your high school boy that reminds you he’s still wants to connect – the siblings running hand in hand down the sidewalk – two brothers sitting close, cozy on the couch – watching a video..

There are so many moments.

But in our busy minute to minute days – it’s easy to miss them. But when you do “catch” them – really feel them – you’ll know .

These are the moments in our lives, our parenting lives, that make all the difference.

I think it’s called love.

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