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I started thinking about being “stuck” recently after hearing daily reports on the national news about this huge container ship – the Even Given – a ship as long as the Empire State Building is high – stuck sideways in the busy Suez Canal – unable to move one way or another – holding up international ship traffic and significant cargo for at least 5 days now.

And I couldn’t help but think about how each of us probably gets stuck occasionally – whether we realize it or not. (often it’s someone else that might point this out to us).

Yeah – maybe I am stuck” not moving one way or the other can’t make up my mind frustrated keep doing the same thing that doesn’t seem to be working over and over again.

Yep – I’m stuck!

And – just saying – we’ve all been probably feeling more than a bit “stuck” this whole past year with concerns, restrictions, indecision, and anxiety about the pandemic in our midst. And now – when hope is on the horizon – we need to get unstuck – in the most safe and helpful ways that we can.

If you are familiar with one of my favorite “Winnie the Pooh” stories- when Winnie gets “stuck” in the doorway of Piglet’s house after eating far too much of his favorite treat – honey! – something had to change – right?

And when we’re stuck – usually something does need to change.

So … being stuck is often a good thing – because the way to get “unstuck” is usually a helpful, improvement.

If you happen to be feeling maybe kind- of , sort-of stuck, perhaps about parenting struggles, behavior issues – please don’t forget the ease of contacting a Parent Educator at The Parenting Place – 784-8125 – to give you a gentle push – a Boost I like to call it – to guide you in a different direction OR perhaps support you in the direction you’re already going.

Because often – especially as parents – we can think we’re stuck- only to realize – we’re just where we’re supposed to be.

It just takes time to realize it.

It might take time to appreciate it.

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There’s a children’s “welcome” song I know sung by many children in their preschool years – and it goes like this.

Hello – Hello -what is your name? Hello – Hello – We really want to know. Hello – Hello

what is your name? (Child answers Others repeat it) and then Hello, Hello, Hello!

And when that child’s name is said, and all respond Hello, Hello, Hello – the child’s face lights up!

Now – as adults – we can’t go around singing this tune (although I will have the catchy tune to this little ditty in my head the rest of the day) but just think – if and when we are around new people – people outside our familiar group – we would reach out and say hi – my name iswhat is your name? – how significant that can be.

For once you know someone’s name, there’s a bridge there to know more – to connect – to learn – to understand – to share- to include.

When you hear your name spoken – something in you lights up – it’s a warmth – an acknowledgement -a connection – a sense of belonging – of inclusion.

And in our world today, those four things – warmth, connection, sense of belonging, inclusion are more significant than ever.

Checking out at the supermarket – or ordering in a restaurant where name tags are worn, or the waiter share her/his name, my husband always notices – and always uses their name when thanking them – often asks about their name if it is unusual or makes a connection in some other way

Excuse me – but yes I admit – I used to “roll my eyes” a bit at this actually very warm gesture – maybe because I thought it too personal.

But – always – I would see a light come on – a response that proved me wrong – names are important – “my name is important – recognized –” I’m important “ – and in that brief connection, the “world” is a kinder, friendlier, more inclusive place.


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Just wait

We’ve been spoiled, right? Beautiful blue skies, sunny days, warm enough to actually “feel” the Spring in the air.

But surprise, surprise – Mother Nature says “not so fast!” as we hear the forecast – accumulating snow , damp and raw temperatures – strong, blustery winds.

The change of seasons – especially between winter and spring has its ups and downs – its bright and hopeful days that we anticipate so eagerly and the dank overcast days with a forecast of snow – a battle of the seasons if you will.

But Spring will triumph followed by summer – that we know for sure.

Isn’t that the way of children? Just as we brag about our child “sleeping through the night”successfully using the potty going to bed so willingly sharing so well picking up toys without a struggle always so agreeable until they’re not until a snowstorm of emotions are in the forecast.

Transitions seldom run a smooth uninterrupted course – but they are just that – transitions – the in-between time – while we wait for conditions to be just right – for short days to turn into long lazy days of summer – for behaviors and growth in our children to blossom – and settle in.

And so it is for all of us as parents to breathe – relax – let doubt and fears melt away like the snow – because experience tells us – Spring is coming! And it’s worth the wait!


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There’s something marvelous about the way young children look at their world – scrutinize their world – make it to fit their own understanding and needs.

And if we are fortunate enough to catch a glimpse – behind the scenes of their thinking – their imagination – their language – it is a gift to behold.

Because so often it makes a lot of sense.

I found that to be true recently when our 3-year-old grandson was talking to his dad about something that occurred the night before. But he used the expression – his own unique expression – yesternight – which is perfect actually – much more defined and exact than yesterday – because, of course,, it wasn’t during the day – it was the night!

I love thinking about yesternight – so much more precise. It has a flair to it – a three-year-old’s innocence and charm. And one that I think I’ll borrow and enjoy – because, most likely, it won’t be long before this creative wordsmith will get older – and grow a little taller – and resort to the vocabulary we’ve all learned to use.

But for me – I’ll always remember “yesternight” – and the little guy who shared it.

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