There’s something marvelous about the way young children look at their world – scrutinize their world – make it to fit their own understanding and needs.

And if we are fortunate enough to catch a glimpse – behind the scenes of their thinking – their imagination – their language – it is a gift to behold.

Because so often it makes a lot of sense.

I found that to be true recently when our 3-year-old grandson was talking to his dad about something that occurred the night before. But he used the expression – his own unique expression – yesternight – which is perfect actually – much more defined and exact than yesterday – because, of course,, it wasn’t during the day – it was the night!

I love thinking about yesternight – so much more precise. It has a flair to it – a three-year-old’s innocence and charm. And one that I think I’ll borrow and enjoy – because, most likely, it won’t be long before this creative wordsmith will get older – and grow a little taller – and resort to the vocabulary we’ve all learned to use.

But for me – I’ll always remember “yesternight” – and the little guy who shared it.

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