Just wait

We’ve been spoiled, right? Beautiful blue skies, sunny days, warm enough to actually “feel” the Spring in the air.

But surprise, surprise – Mother Nature says “not so fast!” as we hear the forecast – accumulating snow , damp and raw temperatures – strong, blustery winds.

The change of seasons – especially between winter and spring has its ups and downs – its bright and hopeful days that we anticipate so eagerly and the dank overcast days with a forecast of snow – a battle of the seasons if you will.

But Spring will triumph followed by summer – that we know for sure.

Isn’t that the way of children? Just as we brag about our child “sleeping through the night”successfully using the potty going to bed so willingly sharing so well picking up toys without a struggle always so agreeable until they’re not until a snowstorm of emotions are in the forecast.

Transitions seldom run a smooth uninterrupted course – but they are just that – transitions – the in-between time – while we wait for conditions to be just right – for short days to turn into long lazy days of summer – for behaviors and growth in our children to blossom – and settle in.

And so it is for all of us as parents to breathe – relax – let doubt and fears melt away like the snow – because experience tells us – Spring is coming! And it’s worth the wait!


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