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an invincible summer

“In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer”. Albert Camus

Such a comforting thought to consider – to explore.

And at our Parent Ed meeting this past week, we took the time to do just that – and then shared what is, what might be, what was our own personal “invincible summer” during the challenges and loss we’ve felt in our lives.

What a gift this philosopher had to give – to offer us – this solace, treasure, understanding, comfort and power in such few words.

And during this long siege of national and personal loss – in so many ways – on so many levels – both individual , personal, and universal – acknowledging what strengthens us, consoles us, brings us comfort, hopefulness,, joy and peace – is a gift worth sharing.

I wish you all the recognition and the strength of your own “personal invincible summer” within – now and when you need it.

Trust in it. Celebrate in it. Share it with your closest friend.

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ode to de-cluttering

I know it needs to be done – the process of decluttering – so many “things” that at the moment seemed far too precious to move along, discard, forget.

And so they found a place – a loving place – that seemed right for them – at least for the time being.

But shedding season is here – and now it feels – (I feel, I hope?) ready to participate, to simplify, to organize, to take stock of items far too numerous to remain.

So .. how does one decide? What will go – and what will stay?

The thing for me is that most often the “things” that I’m debating about – in many cases, I’m pretty certain – would never have “made the cut” in most people’s lives.

I am a “for sure” romantic -in the sense that “little things mean a lot” – things I’ve found, discovered, received, committed to – at some time along the way.

And a lot of them (well, maybe even most of what I’m speaking about) are impractical, fanciful, sentimental – probably only to me.

So – no – I for sure won’t give them all up – just the excess – just the excess – just what I’m ready to part with. ( I’ve found that sometimes you just know – just feel – when that is)

The rest I’ll neaten, organize, recognize, and pledge my allegiance to – until -perhaps – the next time my urge to de-clutter comes along – knowing that sometimes (maybe even always) – it’s the smallest, the simplest things that mean the most.

Make sure to save some of them.

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my favorite day

What day it it?” asked Pooh.

“It’s today” squeaked Piglet.

“My Favorite Day!” said Pooh.

And even on a chilly, damp, windy April day – even after being spoiled by so many late March/early April warm Spring days – even after taking things for granted – today is actually the day we get.

So how can we be more like Pooh and declare every day “my favorite day”?

For as life goes on , and we understand more and more -we realize that today really is the day we need to live, to love, to laugh, to thank, to honor, to feel, to accept, to grow.

Today! A day to be grateful for – a day to bring sunshine to another – a day to believe in.

It’s not always easy to think of “today” as your favorite day – when the rest of you might be thinking – “not so much”.

But then – even as I write this – the gray cloudy sky just lightened a bit – and the sun is trying its best to break through – nudging me – to try – and, huh! – you know? – I do feel brighter.

I think sometimes we just have to work a little harder, dig a little deeper, to make each day a more perfect day – a day to be grateful for, and maybe even like Pooh – your favorite day!

Thinking of all of you.

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Every once in a while a really special person comes into your life.  

And sometimes you’re not even aware of it at first – until you are – and then that friendship and caring and support and love and shared conversations – sprinkled with humor and laughter and insights and confidences and surprises become precious and counted on – a touchstone that is treasured.

That was the way it was with my dear friend and co-worker, Heather.  I wasn’t the only one who felt this way about Heather.  She had the ability to reach out and be there – in her unassuming way – to so many people – her co-workers and the many families  – parents and children who knew and cared about her – as she cared about them.

And that she was a dedicated Parent Educator came as no surprise.  Heather’s love for her own family – most especially her daughter – was central in everything she did and believed and shared with others.  She had a zest for living, for laughing, for always showing you who she was – absolutely no false pretentions – just here I am – take me or leave me.

And at The Parenting Place we all took her – into our hearts – and there she will stay.

Heather was always helping me personally in my continued battle with my computer – and my lack of technical skills.  It never mattered how often I would seek her help – sometimes for the very same problem.

And she would fix it – and I would always say “you’re amazing!”  And she would laugh heartily.  And say “I’m going to tell my family that Fran thinks I’m amazing!”

And just in case she didn’t – I did truly think she was amazing – in so many beautiful ways – and I will miss her dearly – and in my heart, she will stay.

Rest in peace our dear amazing friend, Heather.

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