Every once in a while a really special person comes into your life.  

And sometimes you’re not even aware of it at first – until you are – and then that friendship and caring and support and love and shared conversations – sprinkled with humor and laughter and insights and confidences and surprises become precious and counted on – a touchstone that is treasured.

That was the way it was with my dear friend and co-worker, Heather.  I wasn’t the only one who felt this way about Heather.  She had the ability to reach out and be there – in her unassuming way – to so many people – her co-workers and the many families  – parents and children who knew and cared about her – as she cared about them.

And that she was a dedicated Parent Educator came as no surprise.  Heather’s love for her own family – most especially her daughter – was central in everything she did and believed and shared with others.  She had a zest for living, for laughing, for always showing you who she was – absolutely no false pretentions – just here I am – take me or leave me.

And at The Parenting Place we all took her – into our hearts – and there she will stay.

Heather was always helping me personally in my continued battle with my computer – and my lack of technical skills.  It never mattered how often I would seek her help – sometimes for the very same problem.

And she would fix it – and I would always say “you’re amazing!”  And she would laugh heartily.  And say “I’m going to tell my family that Fran thinks I’m amazing!”

And just in case she didn’t – I did truly think she was amazing – in so many beautiful ways – and I will miss her dearly – and in my heart, she will stay.

Rest in peace our dear amazing friend, Heather.

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