ode to de-cluttering

I know it needs to be done – the process of decluttering – so many “things” that at the moment seemed far too precious to move along, discard, forget.

And so they found a place – a loving place – that seemed right for them – at least for the time being.

But shedding season is here – and now it feels – (I feel, I hope?) ready to participate, to simplify, to organize, to take stock of items far too numerous to remain.

So .. how does one decide? What will go – and what will stay?

The thing for me is that most often the “things” that I’m debating about – in many cases, I’m pretty certain – would never have “made the cut” in most people’s lives.

I am a “for sure” romantic -in the sense that “little things mean a lot” – things I’ve found, discovered, received, committed to – at some time along the way.

And a lot of them (well, maybe even most of what I’m speaking about) are impractical, fanciful, sentimental – probably only to me.

So – no – I for sure won’t give them all up – just the excess – just the excess – just what I’m ready to part with. ( I’ve found that sometimes you just know – just feel – when that is)

The rest I’ll neaten, organize, recognize, and pledge my allegiance to – until -perhaps – the next time my urge to de-clutter comes along – knowing that sometimes (maybe even always) – it’s the smallest, the simplest things that mean the most.

Make sure to save some of them.

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