an invincible summer

“In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer”. Albert Camus

Such a comforting thought to consider – to explore.

And at our Parent Ed meeting this past week, we took the time to do just that – and then shared what is, what might be, what was our own personal “invincible summer” during the challenges and loss we’ve felt in our lives.

What a gift this philosopher had to give – to offer us – this solace, treasure, understanding, comfort and power in such few words.

And during this long siege of national and personal loss – in so many ways – on so many levels – both individual , personal, and universal – acknowledging what strengthens us, consoles us, brings us comfort, hopefulness,, joy and peace – is a gift worth sharing.

I wish you all the recognition and the strength of your own “personal invincible summer” within – now and when you need it.

Trust in it. Celebrate in it. Share it with your closest friend.

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